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laperrotdamoise-maison-1929Built in 1754, La Perrotdamoise is Ile Perrot’s oldest building. Staying here offers a unique, fascinating opportunity to travel through time and slow your pace.

Author Lise Chartier details the residence’s history in her book “L’Ile-Perrot 1672-1765”.

Between 1670 and 1684, Ile-Perrot goes from a simple commercial trade destination to an independent community of 300 inhabitants.

Because of its geographical location,Ile-Perrot is located at the junction of waterways, its pioneers are an interesting group of Natives, European travelers and merchants.

In the fall of 1753, proceeds are started in favor of building a presbystery. The contract is awarded to Paul Beaugy, a stonemason. The building permit, however, is curiously not given by religious authorities.


Erected in an elevated strategic location, the building overlooks the St-Lawrence river while also providing clear views of the opposing bank.

Due to the building’s size, it’s quite possible it served as more than a presbytery. It most likely served as a resting place for travelers and, if the height of the ceilings in the basement is any indication, also as a storing for canons and canoes.








View this wonderful video, filmed in 1941 (in French only).

Les Iles du Saint-Laurent, 1941

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